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Unique, modern solution to protect your network from lateral threats. We are not another network firewall or anti-virus / anti-malware system, we are a true network defence solution that operates at its core, protecting your data in real-time even after your fringe devices fail to stop an attack.

In a boundary-less modern enterprise, one lucky hacker can create mayhem.

Managing security in a modern enterprise is like chasing moving targets. Still, all security apparatus an enterprise can deploy today relies upon an outdated approach to protect its network; making it totally defenceless.

Cost of a data breach is probably the biggest threat in the connected world.

When it comes to boundary-less enterprises, and interconnected systems, omni-channel business operations demand secured, highly accessible platforms. With thousands of malwares released daily, one breach can erode an organisation’s operating ability, customer credibility and sustainability.

A firewall, antivirus or any other signature-scan-based defence is incapable to defend and stop the spread of an attack.

Modern hacking is driven via sophisticated deceiving technologies. Phishing, zero-day, malicious content-based attacks can filter through firewalls and antivirus systems without being detected. Your enterprise can no longer rely upon these technologies.

Ridgeback is not a firewall or antivirus system.

Ridgeback is the only lateral threat defence solution that neutralises hackers and other malicious intruders who have infiltrated your network in real-time, without generating false-positives.

Ridgeback is an agent-less plug and play solution.

The Ridgeback solution scans through all your network end-points and protects your network by monitoring and scanning your network behaviour in real-time, both in a physical and virtual sense.

Ridgeback is easy to deploy and manage.

With sophisticated detection and prevention technology, Ridgeback is the easiest solution to deploy; starting work from the moment it is powered on by analysing your network and your device behaviours. Armed with a simple user interface and reporting capability, you can monitor your network from ‘inside’ as it functions.

Call for a demo and proof of value deployment.

Send us a message and we will demo the powerful capabilities of Ridgeback. We can also conduct a pilot deployment for you to appreciate its threat neutralisation capabilities – giving your enterprise’s security model a much-needed uplift.

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Ridgeback Fast Facts


Real-time Lateral Threat Protection


Simple Agent-less Deployment


Zero Performance Impact


Automated and Scalable


No False Positives

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