Private Cloud Services

Smart, resilient, flexible and cost-effective. Private cloud as the Cloud was meant to be.

Whether you intend to host your enterprise application or portals, run data solutions or your business website, do not go by big names. Our servers are located in the UK, in a world-class, tier-3 data centre and we serve leading retailers, distributors, tech and non-tech businesses in the UK.


Choice of Operating Systems, databases, fast storage and industry-leading SD-WAN connectivity.

Industry-leading Connectivity Options

We prefer SD-WAN. However, should you require, we can support MPLS and leased lines too.

Fast Storage Options

If your application demands, we can provision fast SAS-SSD RAID10 storage providing best-in-class performance and resilience.

Choice of Operating Systems

Supporting Windows 2019/2022 LTS and leading Linux distributions such as CentOS Stream, Ubuntu, Red Hat and Oracle Linux.

Choice of Databases

Supporting Microsoft SQL Server, MariaDB or MySQL and NoSQL and MongoDB.


N+1 Architecture in a Tier-3 Data Centre in the UK

Network Redundancy

Our data centre facilities rely on network connectivity to multiple carriers for the highest possible availability and speed. We have built our server farm with paired firewalls and switches to fully leverage the redundancy.

Power Redundancy

Our server farm hardware including networking gear has two fully redundant power inputs. All power sources have battery back-up, state of the art UPS systems and diesel/bio-fuel run power generators on stand-by.

Physical Security

Our server farm is protected by 24/7 by manned security with sophisticated number plate recognition, iris and biometrics technology. Access to our farm is further secured by video surveillance and other security methods.

Focus on security and service continuity is at our core.

We have built a self-reliant infrastructure and robust service delivery model. Unlike other small business hosting providers, we do not provide white-labelled infrastructure services.

As we are 100% transparent about our services and service partners, we leverage best-in-class tier-3+ data-centre services where our servers reside. From network devices for routing and switching, to servers and storage, all equipment in our server farm is purchased and managed by us providing highest level of service quality and optimum performance to all our customers.

Free Setup and Service Activation


Free Technical Consultation

Firewall and Threat Protection

Low Contention Virtualisation


Flexible Configurations

Built-in Security & Disaster Recovery

Advanced Enterprise-Class Security

60-Min per Month Technical Support


Out of Hours Support Extension

Highly Responsive Support Tean

0% Unplanned Downtime

Flexible Commercials

And finally, no hidden costs, surprises or excuses.

Talk to any business that has embraced Cloud services from big players such as AWS, Azure, IBM or Google, and you would soon learn that their pricing has been exponentially rising, year on year – and there is always some excuse.

That is not how the Cloud was meant to be. They tie you up with their infrastructure and proprietary technologies (which they claim to be open source) and leave you with no options as prices go up.

With our Cloud, you are always free. If we don’t deliver on our promises, you can move out (and we’ll help you even then).

Give us a call to help you host your business applications smartly, reliably and in a cost-effective manner.

We have partnered with Cloud Pursuit for two years. They manage our SAP hosting and technical support as our managed service provider. The level of customer service, advice, and professional competence we have received has been outstanding.

I have been in Business for over 30 years and have never experienced such exceptional service before. It is a real pleasure to work with Cloud Pursuit.

Gareth Bullen

Managing Director, Micro Tech UK Ltd.

Cloud Pursuit has been hosting our website, VPS, VPN connectivity and dedicated SAP Servers for 7 years now. In Cloud Pursuit, we have found an extremely reliable partner who, in addition to giving us high availability and 100% uptime, also brings a great company ethos and discipline to everything that they do to deliver their infrastructure services to us.

We recognise the diligence and professionalism in managing our systems and we appreciate that they do whatever it takes to support us in difficult situations.

Also, Cloud Pursuit is extremely transparent and upfront about their costs – a refreshing experience and very dependable service indeed.

Anand Swamy

Director, Gauri Ltd.

Still in doubt?

We understand your concerns. Choosing a hosting service provider to host your business-critical servers can be challenging.

Simply drop us a message with your questions and we will respond promptly. If required, we can arrange a visit to our data centre racks for you to see and appreciate our capabilities first-hand.

Private Cloud Services