IT Supplier Management

Helping you select the right supplier for your technology requirements, whether it is software, hardware or services.

We find the right partner with the right capability and price.

If your business is struggling to find the right supplier for IT services, we can help. As your guardian we’d evaluate the right supplier for your business and make them accountable to deliver on their commitments.

Fair and Transparent Selection

We work for you with only your success in mind. With 100% conflict-of-interest free approach enables us to select the right supplier for your business.

Careful Evaluation of Quotations/Offers

A poorly drafted quote with missing service components or SLAs do not help the buyers. We make sure, all quotations are carefully analysed and all clarifications are sought to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Proactive Risk Mitigation

A broken customer-supplier partnership severely impacts your ability to delight your customers. We work for you to mitigate these risks preemptively.

Accurate RFP Documentation

When your requirements and service expectations are clearly defined, it helps your business to procure the right solution to meet your business needs.

Technical Due-Diligence

We ensure that the solution offered by a vendor is reviewed to ensure that you do not buy an outdated product or solution. We guide our clients to ensure that the correct solution is purchased with maximum life-span possible.

In-flight Service Reviews

We don’t walk away. We continue to remain involved during service delivery through periodic service quality reviews till the contract is fully delivered by the supplier.

We can be your outsourced IT leadership.

It is easy to change your service delivery partner. It takes a lot of work to find the right one and make that relationship work. Often, suppliers walk-away, leaving a customer with no ability to recover from the financial losses, and poor service delivery. A healthy customer-supplier relationships a critical component in your ability to delight your customers.

Comprehensive IT Strategy Creation

We create a comprehensive roadmap for all your IT initiatives with clear investment justifications, helping you make the right decisions.


Policy Design and Implementation Support

What should be the right policy for your staff, and how you can implement it to achieve a standard operating model? We can help.

Liabilities and Responsibilities

Every business needs to remain compliant on information security, privacy and other legislations. We make sure you remain compliant.

Customer Success-led Partnership

Often IT is seen as an internal cost-centre. We see it otherwise. With our experience, we work with you to enhance your customers’ experience about your business with the use of technology.

We simplify IT for you.

By understanding your products and services, and how your team needs to operate, we help you design and implement the right technology solution for your business.

At every step, we ensure we remain focused and our actions stay relevant.

Supplier Management

Sharad conducted a short focused review of the Central Market Operating System for the non household water market to improve confidence in delivery and the market opening on time. I was highly impressed with the quality of the insight and recommendations given the complexity and timescales involved. I found Sharad to be very professional in his approach and look forward to working with him again in the future. I fully endorse his work and would highly recommend his counsel to anyone with a mission critical programme looking to improve confidence in delivery or in need of a fresh perspective.

Ben Jeffs