Shopify Analytics for Retailers

Designed for Shopify and Shopify Plus retailers, we provide a powerful, high-performance database with your commerce, Google and marketing data, all seamlessly integrated in a simple-to-understand data structure.

The business case

The power of data is undeniably strong to make correct decisions.

Who are my most valuable customers? Which marketing campaign has added new customers? Which customers are more loyal in terms of lifetime value?

Getting answers to these questions isn’t easy. Without any solution, marketing teams spend an inordinate amount of time downloading, aggregating and manipulating data via Excel sheets, which is time-consuming and prone to errors.

Our analytics solution automates this process and consolidates your data in a single cloud-based database that is accessible to your marketing, sales, service and management teams.

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Achieve a unified dataset from your commerce and marketing platform

Capturing daily commerce transactional data from source, consolidated in one unified database, easy-to-understand data structure for customers, orders, order items, products and much more.


Automated scheduler to adjust the update frequency

Based on data volumes, you can configure the update frequency as per your reporting or data consumption demands.


Analyse using standard office apps such as Excel using ready to use views

Use Microsoft Excel or PowerBI to connect to the data source and run your own queries, build dashboards or generate reports based on ready-to-use data views.


Identify patterns and sales potential based on real-life data

Our marketing intelligence tool will enable you to make decisions based on real-time data, harmonised and filtered by our powerful data consolidation engine.


Visualise, because picture is more powerful than words

Use industry-leading visualisation tools to see patterns you cannot see otherwise via data grids. We support DevArt, Microsoft Power BI, Google/Looker Data Studio, Tableau and Excel Power Query.


Follow facts, not fiction

When you link the captured data with your marketing and audience discovery process, you would realise the benefits of our solution straight away.

Standard Reports (Out of the box)

RFM (Monthly & Quarterly) Upto past 36 months


Single Customer View (Customer Ac & Deduped)


New Customer Acquisition Report (Customer Ac & Deduped)


Tabulated New Order Analysis (Weekly, Monthly and Annual)


LTV Analysis & Cohort (Customer Ac & Deduped)

Overall I can say with certainty that the work you and your outstanding team have done will be the cornerstone of unlocking future cost-effective sales growth for Skinny Tan.  Pulling together all available customer data into a single database of literally millions of data points, we are now able to build a quantifiable segmentation of our user base which when combined with Google Analytics insights will enable us to optimise our new customer acquisition strategy moving forward. In addition, the flexible RFM analysis is enabling us to build customer retention email strategies at the heart of our revenue plans which will maximise the lifetime value of each and every customer.

I believe the cornerstone to how we have got here is the flexible ‘can-do’ attitude that you and the team have brought to our onboarding. New ideas were considered as interesting challenges to overcome, data quality was exceptional ensuring instant confidence in the conclusions and you have always been proactive in sharing experience on how the data can best be used to deliver practical value to the business. I would be very happy to recommend Cloud Pursuit to any business that are looking to unlock the power of their customer data.

Blake Hughes

Director, SkinnyTan UK Ltd.

We are absolutely delighted with our partnership. They have done a tremendous job on the design, planning, and implementation of our custom-built Insights Tool. They have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, we always felt secure in their hands throughout the process. One of the most impressive parts of the wonderful service they offer is how flexible and communicative they are. It’s refreshing to work with a company that’s so proactive, and committed to meeting their client’s needs. Our relationship continues to grow and develop into new areas, we look forward to working closely with them for the foreseeable future.

Luisa Cacioppo-Smallwood

Head of Marketing, Polarn O. Pyret UK

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Shopify Analytics for Retailers