Our Hosting Advantage

We care for the small business just as we care for established enterprises. We have invested in a state-of-the-art infrastructure with full redundancy and fault-tolerance with a leading tier-3+ data centre service provider in the UK. 99.995% uptime is our promise for all infrastructure services.

Fully-managed Hosted Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure drives everything.

Imagine if a prospective client was directed to your website by Google and your site was down or inaccessible. Or imagine if your site was just too slow as the pages were getting loaded. Performance issues and any issue can make your prospective customer simply leave your online shop. Eight to ten seconds, that’s all you have to engage with your prospective customer.

Whether a start-up, small or a large enterprise, a slow system performance can reduce the chance of a potential or existing customer staying on your website. For internal systems, it can mean a loss of productivity of your workforce.

A fully managed, high-performance, dedicated or virtual infrastructure is the solution to go for.

It is time for small businesses to embrace the Cloud from established service providers. We provide a complete range of dedicated and virtual servers with no limitations on traffic or bandwidth. We have clients who are using our dedicated servers to run high-performance and complex business applications such as CRM systems, websites and ecommerce platforms.

Cisco Meraki, our network.

Cisco Meraki is the leader in cloud-controlled advanced security, switching and routing infrastructure.

When we built our networking infrastructure, we carefully evaluated a number of available options and decided to make Meraki Cloud as our foundation for all network service management. As a result, we can offer faster provisioning and quicker problem resolution to our clients.

We are the only VPS hosting provider with firewall support and advanced security and threat protection for your VPS. 

DELL, our servers.

We have partnered with DELL to build our server farm using standard DELL PowerEdge Servers, centrally managed by a leading RMM platform. Armed with adequate spares and a standardised configuration, we can deliver the uptime our clients need – no matter whether it is a small-business website or enterprise-class VPS for big data applications. Running under high-availability hypervisors, we deliver Windows and Linux virtual machines offering stable and high-performance computing capabilities. 

No OEM kit. No mix and match approach when it comes to servers.

Further resilience and protection, Acronis Cloud as our last resolve.

When we say, we protect our clients like no other, we mean it. At our heart of server farm, we use Acronis Local as our core backup and disaster recovery technology. We ensure that in the event of catastrophic failure, if it ever happens, your virtual machines, websites or data are absolutely safe. Based on our monthly-conducted failover-recovery tests, we can bring a server alive in 15 minutes from its last backup, if ever that happens. 

Our customers can choose, whether to backup every hour, every day, every week – we are flexible and can provide customised options. 

No matter how much you plan for high-availability infrastructure, things can go wrong. And if they go wrong to a point when downtime can not be avoided, we have ensured that all our infrastructure is safely and securely backed up with Acronis Cyber Cloud. This is our last resolve to achieve a fully managed business continuity for our clients. 

Our customers can trust they are in safe hands and our infrastructure is far more robust than anyone else in this class. 

World-Class Data Centre for Our Server Farm 

We use Pulsant Data Centre at Reading for our server farm. Pulsant provides the server racks and two pairs of redundant (A+B) internet connectivity on a range of /27 and /28 IPs. On these racks, we have deployed our fully owned networking and server equipment, backed by gold-standard warranties and maintenance services. All servers have two parallel and fully redundant power supplies, quad ethernet connectivity and RAID10 storage.

A server farm, that is fully owned and managed by Cloud Pursuit provides optimum security to our clients.


Still in doubt?

We understand your concerns. Choosing a hosting service provider can be challenging.

Simply drop us a message with your questions and we will respond promptly. If required, we can arrange a visit to our data centre racks for you to see and appreciate our capabilities at first hand.