Digital Marketing Services

Our range of digital marketing services includes SEO, PPC, and outreach activities. We help you build a strong sales funnel by proactively identifying your target audience, running optimised campaigns, and nurturing their engagement.


We engage with your audience, both directly and indirectly, using a variety of communication methods and delivery tools.

Targeted Campaigns

From the identification of your audience we use targeted campaigns to send out the right material, to the right audiences, at the right time.

Strategic Engagement

All your content should sing from the same hymn sheet to effectively resonate with your audience. We utilise this content to raise awareness of your business directly to your leads.

Leveraging Tools

We leverage engagement tools to build links between you and your potentials customers. 


We get the basics for SEO/SEM right first time

Our focus is on building engagement while subtly supporting your cause by building and enhancing your social media network. This helps you reach the ‘right audience’ and not just get more of ‘likes’ or ‘followers’.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Management

We understand SEO like very few other and our approach to SEO is bottom-up, not top-down. Whether on-page or off-page optimisation, the process starts when the first word of your content that’s written.


For us, SEO is common sense

We understand SEO like very few other. And our approach to SEO is bottom-up, not top-down. Whether on-page or off-page optimisation, the process starts when the first word of your content is written.

SEO Strategy

Connecting your business objectives to an SEO strategy that will boost your visiblilty to your customers across Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and more.


Identifying what your customers search and and aligning your website to match.

SEO Audit

Inspecting and evaluating your websites mechanics, ensuring no link is broken, to help search engines rank your site in order to squeeze the most out of your site so it performs at the highest of its capacity.

Google Ads (PPC) Management

We are Google experts helping you and your business maximise its customer reach through carefully crafted and managed Google ads tailored to your audience.


Business Focused Ads

We tailor PPC ads to reach the right audience with the correct keywords and the budget to suite your business. All while providing a clear call to action for your customers and increasing the visibility of your business online.


Remarketing Ads

We re-engage with your audience to enhance your brand recall and engagement with the prospects that matter.


Performance Marketing

We focus on measurable results & data-driven tactics to improve conversions, optimize ROI and drive high-quality traffic to your website. Enabling you to reach your target audience effectively and drive more leads and sales.

Social Media Management

We are experienced in implementing campaigns across social channels that help you to raise awareness and connect closer to your audience.


Facebook Ads

We understand that Facebook can be a crowded and competitive space, which is why we take a data-driven approach to ensure your ads stand out from the rest. Our team constantly monitors and optimizes your campaigns to ensure you get the most out of your investment.


Remarketing Ads

We target potential customers who have previously engaged with your businesses services or products. This gives your business the opportunity to increase conversion rates and ROI by showing personalized ads to audiences that have shown interest previously.

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We invite you to look at our client testimonials. If you like our approach, give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk to you.

Digital Marketing Services

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We lead your audience on the path to becoming your customer by monitoring website interactions and implementing direct, personalized marketing tactics.


We use effective and proven techniques to actively find your prospects and convert leads into sales opportunities.

For B2B companies, reaching out to your target audience is often a dull and arduous task. When deploying mass advertising strategies the effectivenes is often limited, due to campaigns reaching too broad an audience.

We help you take the next step in your audience discovery, by identifying and detailing your prospects for you to deliver personable marketing strategies that help you nuture prospects to sales.

We Understand You

We work to fully understand you as a business so we can identify the right audiences for the products and services you offer.

Beyond a Simple Lead List

Highly focused list of targetted prospects that matches your search criteria. 

Data Mining

We use a combination of software tools & propriatory methods to identify audiences. Extracting data from different online sources, finding email addresses and pushing the data to integrated datasets and CRM software systems.

Rich Datasets

We bring together all of your potential audience in consolidated datasheets, becoming the foundation of your outreach campaign and reporting.


We help our clients to integrate outreach lists to their existing CRM systems and their mass mailing software.

Build connections and nuture


We push your audience to your website and uncover the product, services and content they engage with. 

Personable Engagement

We identify B2B website visitors and turn them into actionable leads, fuelling your business growth. Providing you with intel into your marketing strategies and identifying the right prospects to nuture into your leads, with direct marketing initiatives backed by the power of data.

Give us a call

We invite you to look at our client testimonials. If you like our approach, give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk to you.

Digital Marketing Services

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Cloud Pursuit came very highly recommended as a company that could design, build and manage our website and online marketing campaign. We are a traditional, low tech business and needed help and advice to create a website that reflected the personality and reputation of our company.

Cloud Pursuit set about the task with great enthusiasm quickly gaining an understanding of our business and the direction that the project should take. Throughout the whole process, the communication, hard work and professionalism of Cloud Pursuit was remarkable and inspiring.

We are thrilled with the new website and thoroughly enjoy working closely with Cloud Pursuit as they market and manage our business on line. We will not hesitate to recommend Cloud Pursuit knowing that we will be introducing a great group of people who are experts in their field and will give their best in all that they do.

Ben Wheeler

Owner, Ben Wheeler Pianos Ltd.

Bespoke solutions exactly as per requirement, very professional service, true 24 x 7 support, quick replies, excellent technical guidance, affordable pricing!

We are very lucky to have Cloud Pursuit's team of web developers and Digital media experts to design, develop and maintain our websites as well as social media campaigns. From the first call with Sharad to discuss the website's requirement to Sharad and his team designed and developed our website within a week. Cloud Pursuit's technical knowledge/skills are commendable. A year's testimony: the website is up and running smoothly; perfect for any eCommerce business.

Our website has been optimised so well that it gets picked up by search engines very easily. There is no fuss about SEO and big promises like other web developers do, Sharad and his team gave a clear idea about it with appropriate timelines on when and what to expect out of it.

Smitha explained to us everything about Social Media campaigns, she has got excellent knowledge about all social media platforms and has a very scientific approach towards using them for marketing.

We are glad that our website is in the right hands.

Nimisha Deshmukh

Director, Dnyani Enterprises

We are a start-up business in the food sector and are proud to be associated with Cloud Pursuit. Sharad came with a strong reference for his technical expertise and capability but we feel that is an area that may be common. What is distinguishing is the ownership, accountability and hands on knowledge he brings to the table - the sense of partnership that Cloud Pursuit offers is a tremendous asset to our business.

Reshma Deshpande

Director, V R Intellectus Ltd.

Cloud Pursuit have worked with us for few months now. They were responsible for helping to create our website and brand and have been nothing but positive and creative when working on all aspects of design/marketing for us. Always ready to make suggestions and use their expertise to ensure professionalism 100% of the time.

Their commitment to their work is undisputed.

Michelle Cane

Director, Berkshire Music and Arts Foundation

I could not have made a better choice than Cloud Pursuit to design, build and launch the digital identity for my life coaching and mentoring practice. They took away all my abstract ideas / conversations to give them a meaningful structure that is both simple and effective. I am extremely pleased with my website, blog and feedback from my colleagues in the coaching world and my clients has been great. Throughout this journey of ideation, design, build, launch and thereafter, I have been more than impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. All of this on top of ever-flowing creative ideas, pragmatic advice and most importantly a sense of personalisation. I am happy to recommend Cloud Pursuit to professionals / companies building their digital identity and cloud world. I have already recommended to a number of my clients where Cloud Pursuit have now provided services and even my clients are happy!

Ani Kaprekar

Executive Coach, Banyan Tree Answers

I was looking for someone who could redesign and manage my company’s website. Sharad was recommended to me by a trusted colleague and friend.

I felt justified in taking his technical competence for granted and was not disappointed. I soon discovered however that Sharad was able to offer a much more comprehensive and all-embracing service, including the management of our entire marketing function. As a small independent business owner who cannot afford to employ an in-house marketing team, this was extremely valuable to me.

Sharad has always proved very responsive to my needs, which have at times been quite demanding. His unfailing support, kindness, and civility have made working with him a pleasure.

For me though, what particularly set Sharad apart from the outset was his refreshing ability and willingness to treat me and my business as individuals. Definitely not a “one size fits all” or “cookie-cutter” approach. I would thoroughly recommend Cloud Pursuit to anyone looking for a competent, creative, and individualistic IT partner.

Colin Makin

Business Owner, Alan Makin & Sons

Having taken on an operating salon our first desire was to maintain the client base whilst making a mark through minor, but noticeable, rebranding. CloudPursuit provided us with sound advice and assistance in this respect and have worked with us from day one to establish 'our brand' both locally and further afield. Our new website provides our clients with an easy to use portal into the salon offerings and booking system. It is regularly updated and visibility through search engines is excellent. Support services such as design and printing are always available and turnaround times are great. Sharad and his team are highly recommended by Beautique.

Kevin Meaks

Salon Owner, Theale Beautique Ltd.

We have received the upmost perfect service. Our website is reaping the rewards and was built with all our hopes incorporated and more. We are more than happy with the results benefited from using this very professional company and would highly recommend Cloud Pursuit.

Samantha Clark

Ex-Director, Beautique Theale Ltd.