Windows 365

Windows 365 is Microsoft’s innovative Cloud-PC, revolutionising hybrid working. Stream your personalised Windows operating system from any device with internet access, powered by the Microsoft Cloud.

How can Windows 365 help your business?

A simple and secure hybrid working solution for your team, implemented by us and powered by the cloud.

Unparalleled security

Windows 365, built on zero trust principles, prioritises your security. Your cloud-PC is continuously updated with the latest Microsoft security features, ensuring a secure computing environment.

Coherent deployment and management

Deploying and scaling cloud-PCs is simpler than ever with Windows 365. Automatically updated and secured by Microsoft, it enables you to easily manage and expand your cloud-PC fleet as your organisation’s needs grow.

Scale with the cloud

Powered by the cloud, Windows 365 allows you to effortlessly scale processing power, storage, and other computing resources with just a click.

Customised cloud PCs, accessible anytime, anywhere

Eliminate device restrictions. With a Cloud PC, you can log in from any device and seamlessly continue your work exactly where you left off. Stream your apps, data, content, settings, and storage from the secure Microsoft Cloud for unparalleled flexibility and productivity.

Windows 365 features for business

Designed for hybrid working but not limited in its benefits. Windows 365 provides added value to the whole of your business.

Secure hybrid solutions

With Windows 365, all data is stored and secured in the cloud rather than on the device, reducing the risk of data leaks.

Supporting a flexible workforce

Windows 365 enables organisations to swiftly deploy and adjust Cloud-PCs to meet each user’s specific requirements.

Ensuring business continuity

Windows 365 ensures the security of sensitive data while enabling agile responses to evolving workforce needs, ensuring business continuity.

Minimising large Capex investment

Cloud PCs leverage processing power, security, and storage from the cloud, allowing you to extend the usability of older devices with a stable internet connection.

We are here you help.

Send us a message and we will call you to discuss how we can fulfil your Windows 365 service requirements.

Windows 365

We are very pleased with our Office 365 investment, its adoption within the organisation and the ease with which these can be used and seamlessly ported across multiple devices. I am particularly pleased with our partner, Cloud Pursuit who has been our trusted partner in our journey of transforming our in-house IT investments to Cloud-based offerings. The dedication, professionalism and technical expertise that Cloud Pursuit brings has helped this transition to be smooth with zero downtime. We are also pleased with their advise on continuous improvements whether it's related to solutions, upgrades, security issues or any regular updates.

We are very happy with our partner and would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a trusted Microsoft partner.

Shankar Hariharan

Director, Gauri Ltd.

Cloud Pursuit helped us migrate from a physical server environment to a cloud based solution on SharePoint. The historical complexity built up over 15 years was dealt with in an exemplary fashion. Following our merger with a larger company Sharad was engaged in the integration with a larger SharePoint client. We are now supported by a larger SharePoint support team and we miss Sharad very much - his responsiveness, attention to detail, accuracy and pro-active was is second to none.

Mats Nilsson

Managing Director, Polarn O. Pyret UK

As our Managed Service Provider Cloud Pursuit deliver a first-rate service and have always been available to discuss our requirements and needs, offering professional advice and assistance in helping us achieve our IT goals.

The recommended framework has transformed the way we work, and is incredibly stable, safe and reliable. The ongoing IT support either remotely or over the phone is clear and professional, response times are exceptional.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this team to any business that requires IT superheroes from time to time.

Jo Nilsson

HR & Compliance Manager, Polarn O.Pyret, UK

We migrated to Office365, thanks to the excellent guidance provided by Cloud Pursuit, our Microsoft Partner and Delegated Administrator at that time. It has helped in optimising our investment in tools required for collaboration within our team and our customers. The biggest benefit coming from easy deployment and use on multiple devices. Also collaborative tools like Sharepoint, Yammer, Skype for Business has been very useful for us. Office 365 provides us complete flexibility in terms of scaling up and version management.

We were quite delighted that Cloud Pursuit could manage the migration to Office365 with zero downtime. Also when it came to technical support, they have very professional team with a service desk and ticketing system. This provides transparency in terms of outstanding issues and its timely resolution.

Cloud Pursuit has been proactive in introducing new services, updates, ecosystem upgrade and most importantly security.

We would be more than happy to recommend Office 365 as solution and Cloud Pursuit as implement and support partner to our references. We feel that its important investment which gives confidence in our infrastructure and allows to focus more on growing our business.

Samir Gujar

Director, Gauri Ltd.

Cloud Pursuit has helped our law firm in different ways and has come as a breath of fresh air in a cluttered IT services marketplace. Sharad Agrawal is a thorough professional and has handheld us through a major transition from on-premises servers to the cloud. He is diligent and follows through with his deliverables. His ability to simplify IT concepts into lay language is fantastic.

Apart from the cloud transition, Cloud Pursuit has also helped us with website designing and hosting. Sharad’s diligent planning and execution have shown through once again, in this process.

We have no hesitation in recommending Sharad and his team.

Akil Hirani

Managing Partner, Majmudar & Partners

We had previously worked with Cloud Pursuit on a number of small projects and asked them to manage our on-premise to full in-cloud migration of Microsoft Exchange.

From the beginning, Sharad approached the project with professionalism and enthusiasm with all aspects of the migration planned to the nth degree through detailed conversations and documentation.

Our on-premise install consisted of roughly 250 mailboxes spread across two Exchange 2007 servers located at two different site locations.

Cloud Pursuit managed the whole project from beginning to end. This included updating domain tenant information, any additional license procurement, anti-spam and virus configuration, liaising with the domain name and DSN providers and providing detailed documentation to end users.

Due to the number of mailboxes and messages to migrate Sharad’s team worked around the clock to ensure that all essential work was carried out over a weekend. All that was required on Monday morning was a small configuration change to the users mail client for visibility of their new mailbox. Cloud Pursuit were then on hand for the next 48 hours to monitor mail flow and to address any issues that arose – however, there weren’t any!

I would definitely recommend Cloud Pursuit to manage your on-premise to the in-cloud migration of Microsoft Exchange.

Tim Green

Regional IS Manager, Openfield Agriculture Ltd.

Sharad lead our migration from start to finish and put our business and employees at ease. Sharads attention detail was second to none and no question too small. He made what I am sure was an extremely complex migration seem effortless through preparation, communication and implementation.

Ian Hoverd

eCommerce Manager, Polarno O.Pyret, UK

Our Sharepoint transition was managed by Cloud Pursuit without any issues whatsoever. In the Marketing department we have daily deadlines with reliance on large files from Photoshop to Tiffs to large Excel sheets.

We experienced a very smooth transition with no downtime, we were able to work continuously throughout the transition, which was truly amazing. We are extremely thankful to Sharad for his ability to plan, communicate and execute such a huge change, and most of all, for his absolute dedication.

Luisa Cacioppo-Smallwood

Marketing Manager, Polarn O. Pyret UK

We are a small charity with limited IT skills in desperate need of some help and expertise. Sharad helped us migrate our emails to office 365, making as little disruption to us as he possibly could. On top of this he is incredibly helpful and generous with his time and knowledge. His communication was always efficient and prompt. You feel as though you matter, and he went over and above to ensure we had the understanding that we needed of the new systems.  I cannot recommend him and Cloud Pursuit any more highly.


Engage Trust UK

JUST Lincolnshire is a small organisation with limited IT knowledge and awareness. Over the last decade we have used various IT solutions to attempt to meet our needs which resulted in a disjointed and inefficient approach to IT. Cloud Pursuit came highly recommended as the company to discuss our IT needs with. Cloud Pursuit were extremely approachable and helpful in our initial conversations and it soon became clear that not only did they have expert knowledge regarding Microsoft but they also were able to identify how this expertise could best help JUST Lincolnshire in our specific charitable mission. The friendliness and clarity in which Cloud Pursuit dealt with JUST Lincolnshire ensured that I had full confidence in putting our IT requirements in their hands. At no stage did I feel that I was being provided with a product I didn’t need but rather being given the right tools to ensure that JUST Lincolnshire was able to work in a smarter and more efficient way.

Cloud Pursuit have been available to answer any questions or queries that I may have and respond in a clear and practical manner that ensures that, not only is the issue resolved but I have the necessary ‘tools’ to deal with future issues.

I thoroughly recommend Cloud Pursuit to any organisation, large or small, who are looking for IT solutions. You will not be disappointed.

Wesley Shelbourne

General Manager, JUST Lincolnshire