Banyan Tree Answers

Banyan Tree Answers | Ani Kaprekar – Life Coach, Mentor and Storyteller.
Ani Kaprekar is a life coach and mentor based in Manchester, providing coaching and mentoring to many individuals and corporate clients across UK under the banner of Banyan Tree Answers.

Cloud Pursuit UK Ltd is proud to partner with Ani to design, build and host the website for Banyan Tree Answers.

Our scope of work includes ideation and design visualisation, content brainstorming, content review and refinement, implementation of a site’s visual elements (except logo), website construction, cross-platform testing, hosting and provisioning of IT infrastructure services based on then Google Small Business Applications platform.

I could not have made a better choice than Cloud Pursuit to design, build and launch the digital identity for my life coaching and mentoring practice. They took away all my abstract ideas / conversations to give it a meaningful structure that is both simple and effective. I am extremely pleased with my website, blog and feedback from my colleagues in the coaching world and my clients has been great. Throughout this journey of ideation, design, build, launch and thereafter, I have been more than impressed with their professionalism and attention to detail. All of this on top of ever flowing creative ideas, pragmatic advice and most importantly sense of personalisation. I am happy to recommend Cloud Pursuit to professionals / companies building their digital identity and cloud world. I have already recommended to a few of my business coaching clients where Cloud Pursuit have now provided services and even my clients are happy!

Ani Kaprekar

Executive Coach, Banyan Tree Answers