Association for Research in Homoeopathy | NGO
The Association for Research in Homoeopathy (ARH) was established in 1986 to undertake research in Homoeopathy so that this cost-effective therapeutic approach will find its due place in the mainstream of medicine. Since then, ARH has made a difference to thousands of lives through its outpatient services. It has now expanded its scope to add more services for promoting the well-being of patients in the spirit of ’Integrative Medical Care’ with various initiatives including the preparation of Homeopathic formulations from plants in Ayurveda.

The purpose of their website is to present the ARH’s activities – what they do, how they do it and the reasons behind the functions of the organisation. In a way, it is an interactive platform for all of us to have a better life.

We support ARH in their quest to research an alternative and natural approach to find and cure health ailments and have provided a WordPress based website enabling their team to manage the content on their own.

You can visit the website on