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Designed for all Magento and Shopify retailers, we provide a powerful, high-performance database with your commerce, Google and marketing data, all seamlessly integrated in a simple-to-understand data structure.

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Power of a unified database with commerce and marketing datasets.

Power of data is undeniably strong to make correct decisions. 

Who are my most valuable customers? Which marketing campaign has added most new customers? Tell me which customers are more loyal in terms of lifetime value?

Getting answers to these questions isn’t easy. It needs data sources that are consolidated in a single cloud-based database that is accessible by your marketing, sales, service and management teams.

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Achieve a unified dataset from your commerce and marketing platform

Capturing daily commerce transactional data from source, consolidated in one unified database, easy-to-understand data structure for customers, orders, order items, products and much more.


Automated scheduler to adjust the update frequency

Based on data volumes, you can configure the update frequency as per your reporting or data consumption demands.


Follow facts, not fiction

When you link the captured data with your marketing and audience discovery process, you would realise the benefits of our solution straight away.


Analyse using standard office apps such as Excel using ready to use views

Use Microsoft Excel or PowerBI to connect to the data source and run your own queries, build dashboards or generate reports based on ready-to-use data views.


Identify patterns and sales potential based on real-life data

Our marketing intelligence tool will enable you to make decisions based on real-time data, harmonised and filtered by our powerful data consolidation engine.


Visualise, because picture is more powerful than words

Use industry leading visualisation tools to see patterns you cannot see otherwise via data grids.

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You will be surprised to learn the potential of unified data.

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