eCommerce Analytics

Designed for all Magento retailers, we provide a powerful, high-performance database with your commerce, google and marketing data, all seamlessly integrated in a simple to understand data structure.

Power of a unified database with commerce and marketing datasets.

Capturing daily Magento commerce transactional data from source, consolidated in one unified database, easy to understand data structure for customers, orders, order items, products and much more, our commerce analytics solution can help you derive great customer insights like never before.

Analyse using excel or deploy a simple to use analytics front-end such as PowerBI or Tableau, spot trends and patterns or simply conduct deep-dive analysis based on data you can trust.

Make decisions based on real-time transactional data.

Our marketing intelligence tool will enable you to make decisions based on real-time data, harmonised and filtered by our powerful data consolidation engine. Based on data volumes, you can configure the update frequency as per your reporting or data consumption demands.

Go beyond basics, ask better questions.

Who are my most valuable customers? Which marketing campaign has added most new customers? Tell me which customers are more loyal in terms of lifetime value?

Getting answers to these questions isn’t easy. It needs data sources that are consolidated in a single cloud-based database that is accessible by your marketing, sales, service and management teams. If you need more help, you can always ask us for support.

Discover recency, frequency and monetary aspects.

Magento reports are great, but extremely limited. You never get access to your raw data and attributes from its database as it is firmly encapsulated by Magento core. Magento’s EAV data model prohibits you to run even simple SQL queries. We help you discover your data easily through our solution.

Once deployed, our solution will capture and consolidate all your data, as long as it is available in your store’s Magento database, MailChimp and google. 

Always factual, data you can trust.

Based on a recent study, less than 10% of transactional data is actually used by the decision makers while formulating company policies. Often, when deep-dive exercises are conducted, consultants find that data sets were pointing in the opposite direction compared to the management information prepared by traditional methods. 

Insights obtained from our solution can be traced to its source, a transaction, thereby giving you confidence in your analysis. 

Visualise; because an image is always more powerful than words!

Whilst no one can ignore the power of raw data in the form of data tables (i.e. rows and columns), obtaining an insight from raw data is not an easy task. Such data needs to be modelled, summarised and filtered.

This is where visualisation tools can help. You can connect any leading visualisation tool to our database and build your custom dashboards.  

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If you are a Magento user, call us to give you a demo of our commerce analytics solution. You will be surprised at the potential of the unified data at your fingertips.

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