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It takes two to tango!

There is a small grocery store in my home town in India. Run as a small business, the shop is always manned by two brothers. Opening at 9am and closing at 9pm, we always saw his shop full with customers. I was in my teens and my mother would often ask me to get a few...

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I missed you Alex!

I recently booked my car for a routine service at my regular authorised service center. I booked a courtesy car well in advance and I was due to drop the car off after the school run at 8:30am. Unfortunately, I was just recovering from the flu  and was feeling very...

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Mangoes – sweet and aromatic!

Roughly a fortnight ago, I bought a box of mangoes from Sainsbury’s. To my disappointment, the first two Mangoes I picked up from the box were neither ‘sweet’, nor ‘aromatic’, as the label on the box suggested. Feeling the disappointment, and a loss of £4, it took me...

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